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The Two Books I Read

Last week I read two books. One was Diana’s Boys by Christopher Andersen, and the second one was The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks. I thought I was getting short stories to read when I grabbed the second one. When I started reading it, I realized that I had already seen the movie based on it.

I had liked the movie except that I didn’t like the director’s choice for the older version of the hero. The older guy didn’t look at all like his younger self. Basically when you grow older there are changes but still look an older version of your earlier self, not that you look entirely different. I liked the words of the song by Lady Antebellum.

Love comes in circles

And love takes its own time

Bending and breaking

Not taking a straight line

Never knew another love

Timeless, and true

I did with you

Once I realized I was reading the whole sad story again, I wasn’t happy. I wanted to read something which could lift my spirits — which wasn’t happening.

When Diana died it was totally unexpected. To this day when I see both the princes walking behind their mother’s casket, my eyes tear up. The book brought the grief both the boys went through vividly to mind. The queen should have intervened when Prince Charles carried on his affair with Camilla, and put a stop to it by threatening him that he won’t become the future king.

Charles was too callous in relation with Diana. She went through a lot of grief, and pain because of her husband. On the other hand she shouldn’t have openly admitted to her own affairs which she did in retaliation to Charles’s conduct. That brought the queen’s wrath on her in the form of divorce.

I hope next time I’m in luck’ and not bring home tear jerkers. Life is too short. There should be more laughter, and less tears.

Wishing you all! happiness, and good health.

Fourth Wall

I wouldn’t like to spend a day inside a movie —– not at all. Though there was a time, when I loved seeing movies —- new English ones, and Indiana Jones movies. Now when someone mentions a good movie, I can’t find time to watch it.

For seeing a movie it’s a pre-requisite to abandon whatever you’re doing, have pop corn ready on a side table (to munch, don’t you like munching?), put your feet up, watch, and enjoy the movie.

Last movie I saw was in June. It was “The Best of Me” on Netflix. I liked the movie, though it was really strange seeing totally different characters for the same hero while young, and old. A person doesn’t change that much, looking totally different, unless got plastic surgery done. The height, and build of a person doesn’t go through a drastic change. The movie director did the same with the female character.

I did like the song, “I Did with You”.

A correction is needed in the video, the actual lyrics are “not taking a straight line”.


Fourth Wall

You get to spend a day inside your favorite movie. Tell us which one it is — and what happens to you while you’re there.