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Only Chicken

Chicken, mushrooms, bell pepper topping for a pizza.

Every morning after breakfast my foremost worry is what to cook. When my husband was alive, I would ask him. To my regret he wasn’t helpful in replying, “meat roast, mutton tikka,” he would rather graciously add, “I won’t mind if it’s chicken tikka.”

I would reply, “Sorry, I don’t have those things on the menu”.

“Then why do you ask?”

The ball would be back in my court.

Most times the easiest thing was making mutton curry. I would put the meat in the pressure cooker, make the gravy, and add the meat when it was done. I would add potatoes to the mix, and mutton curry was ready to be eaten.

Getting mutton in New Bedford is just not done. We have these options: chicken, chicken, and chicken to eat. We are lucky to get halal chicken in big packages of forty pounds each from a place fifty miles away. That means I spend hours once in a while in making small portions for daily consumption to put in a freezer.

Now the easiest thing to cook is a pizza with chicken pieces, mushrooms, bell pepper, pineapple pieces, black olives, cheddar and Parmesan for topping. Love it!