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Atchafalaya River
My son, and I travelled the 1,288.7 miles from Charlottesville, Virginia to Houston, Texas for three days. I had to keep S awake (he would doze off), so that we didn’t end someplace else. We had to leave our fasting (Insha’Allah cover the absence after Eid), it was impossible to travel while fasting — more so for S as he was driving. I would keep on passing anything to munch — Tostitos, lemon pops, biscuits, almonds, raisins, chocolates, so that his eyes won’t close. He wouldn’t take coffee or tea. He could barely keep awake. At one rest area he took a nap to chase away the sleep fairies who were adamant in making him sleep behind the wheel.

There were lovely places which we could have visited, but there wasn’t enough time to play tourists. He had to be back before his leave expired. Before he came to get me, he had a once a month visit from his two youngest which the court allowed him. He couldn’t miss that. Then he came to get me, and help with my packing and getting the truck.

Along the way was the long bridge (18.2 miles) Atchafalaya Basin Bridge on 1-10 the Louisiana Highway. It wouldn’t finish, as we rattled on in our truck. 




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