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Transforming oneself is not easy to do

Finding the right way is the first step

A true friend for guiding how to do

(Sheen-October 2016)




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Transforming myself took a life time. I kept a balancing outlook on life, and I kept gaining. To get good at everything: my inner being, and my outer being– both needed transformation. With no parents to guide, and my siblings as clue less as me, there was no one to turn to.

I found myself a mentor — the Quran. I needed my spiritual uplift. The Quran has been my most valuable friend. It has kept me sane during the darkest periods of my life. When you keep turning to God for guidance– you get it.

For day to day things I found books, magazines to guide me. They did help in turning me to the person I am now. Every step of the way if you keep an open mind, keep the inner criteria (every person is blessed with it–and that is another thing if you are not aware of it), of what is right, and what is wrong– you will always find the right path.

My own belief: Enhance your knowledge, and you will gain untold rewards.
Daily Prompt:Transformation. Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.