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I protest against the attitude of Houston IAH airport where Muslims are targeted for extra screening. I passed through the screening machine where my innards were on display. Inspite that I was patted, and touched on my private parts. This happened to me on the 27th of last month.

Another lady whose head was covered like mine was, gave me a tight smile indicating what we were going through. With arms akimbo like scarecrows the idiots searched our body parts for hidden ? A woman combed me with her hands, and her device, going once, going twice, going thrice, and going for more, while a man continuously wiped my hands with swaps trying to find something.

This is what happens when people like Trump are chosen for presidency. What else is going to happen after 20th January?

What happened to me, and the other lady was done to other travelers, it wouldn’t have mattered. BUT —– they only target Muslims, it’s totally wrong.

It’s disgusting, and demeaning.

Please stop it before I lose my love,trust and respect for USA. Did I move here for good to be treated like scum?




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