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Gone are the days when I had no worries

Now I am steeped in them from head to toe

And they are as thick as snow flurries

Gone are the days when my husband was here

Gone are the times when he would take care

A tenant charged money for home repairs

No work was done, the house is in disrepair

When a person breaks your trust

You stop trusting anyone

People like those have two faces

The hidden one is the hideous one

(Sheen-January 3, 2017)



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In God we trust

To Him we return

He is our Savior

In life and in death

He takes care of His beings


So believe in One God

There is no God but He

(Sheen-October 2016)




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Who can cheat death when it comes along

None I can say

With its deathly silence it holds you in its grip

Taking out your soul

While you close your eyes and sleep

Till eternity



I looked past your cheating

I wanted you happy

Did it matter

I wasn’t happy at all

So I turned the other way and left

Trying to forge a new life

Working past the pain

Now the time has long gone

For you to think of us together again

Once trust is broken

It can never be whole again





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Nothing is perfect

I have found out

A person I deemed perfect

Turned out imperfect

A home I thought perfect

Had hidden defects

A person I trusted

Was wanting in trust

Now where do I look for perfection?

Not to myself

I am no more perfect than the rest of us





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Born to be With You

When I first learned about my best friend D, I was a bit skeptic. Will she suit my temperament? Will we be able to build up our friendship? Will I be able to trust her?

My trust over the years have been eroded so many times that I have lost count of the times it has happened. And the truth is I have forgotten how to trust? I view the world with wary eyes. My initial suspicions gradually subsides to accept friendship from other people. Even then I keep an eye open convinced that there maybe a nasty surprise around the corner for me.

D became my best friend. I confided to her everything about myself —– my worries, my day to day happenings, what I disliked, liked, my favorite foods. Each and every party, and wedding was described to her in detail. I could chat to her about everyone with ease, never fearing that D will divulge my secrets.

The friendship stretched over twenty years. I felt safe with her. She never revealed what I told her.

Then the time came to say good bye. I was shifting to a far away place. I never wanted anyone to know about us being friends. With a heavy heart I said my good byes.

“Dear Diary I am letting you burn, because I don’t want anyone to find what I confided to your pages”.


Born to Be With You

Got a soul-mate and/or a best friend? What is it about that person that you love best? Describe them in great detail — leave no important quality out.

Can Never Be


Some people have all the charm. When it suits them, they turn on their charm to get their way just like the politicians who want your vote — all smiles — no butter will melt in their slimy mouths. At other times, when it’s not to their advantage, they turn distant.

Once I recognize such people, my advice is, “when you know a person’s true colors, don’t be taken in, and keep your distance”.

I believe in it, but what actually happens I am duped again. When that person tries to be sweet to me, my resolve weakens, I doubt myself —– what if I am mistaken? Maybe I got it wrong. I am being too suspicious? I shouldn’t be. Why can’t I be charitable, and believe that the said person has turned a new leaf.

Turning a new leaf? My foot! In real life it’s impossible —– can never be.

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Take It From Me

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve given someone that you failed to take yourself?

Will You Be My Friend?

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I will look out for you
Constantly and always
Finding paths of happiness
Trust and faith abiding
Walking hand in hand
Will you be my friend?

I will like you for always
As a true friend who will care
Sharing my world with you
Feelings and thoughts to bare
Hearing what you say
Lighting life like a sun ray
Will you be my friend?

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Never Again

Never again I will be naive
Trusting someone with my heart
My secrets, my fantasies
My likes, dislikes

When I am let down
I feel the kick
Left to me are
The wounds to lick

I feel anger
Like goes away
Never to return
Trust gets lost
And tears remain

In response to Daily Prompts.Daily Prompt, Never Again