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I have come across people who truly believe in their own superstitions. One of them was my (late) mother in law. New clothes couldn’t be worn for the first time on Tuesday. If you did the evil deed, bad luck was sure to follow you. If Eid was falling that day, or some other important occasion, all you could do to avert the bad luck was to wear them for a brief time some other day before the coming Tuesday. For her Tuesday was a harbinger of bad luck.

Something must have happened in her life on Tuesday to think that way.

Another superstition of her was not to use the broom for sweeping after her children left. She would get up early that day, and instruct the cleaning lady to quickly clean the house before the children left on that particular day. She feared something terrible would happen to her children, and they won’t come back  ever.

Another person I know doesn’t wash clothes, or does the cleaning on Friday. She thinks bad luck is sure to follow her if she doesn’t follow her belief.

My (late) maternal aunt thought wearing black clothes brought bad luck. When a black jora (clothes) arrived for me, from my in laws before my wedding, she was shocked at their doing.

My brother in law hid away at funerals. He thought that if he attended funerals death was sure to knock at his door. His wife died about a few years back, and he is childless. Now he comes to funerals, but keeps at a safe distance from the dead person.

Another very dear and sweet lady keeps on knocking on wood for good luck. I wonder how her knuckles survive so much knocking. It’s a continuous knock knock with her within a few minutes of talk. Many a time I would like to get hold of her hands to stop her, but then forbear and withhold my inclination. She is a Muslim, but she crosses her fingers when she wants good luck.




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