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Human life is so fragile. It can be taken away in seconds leaving heartbreak.

They had come to spend a weekend with their father’s friend and family. Saima, her mother, older sister Farah, who had come from London for the holidays, and her twin brother Asif. The twins were fourteen years old. They were going back in two days time.

The pool lured them to come and take a dip. It didn’t look deep. A day before Asif had watched small children playing in it, shouting and shoveling each other, and playing ball. 

Where the new comers lived they didn’t have a pool. No one was beside the pool except the twins. Asif got into the pool. It was three feet deep. What he didn’t know was he was standing at the deeper end. The other end where the children played was the shallow side.

His foot slipped, and suddenly the water was closing over his head. Gasping, he shouted to his sister to help him. Without a second thought, Saima dived into the water to save him from drowning. 

Saima was found face downwards floating in the pool. When they took her out she was already dead. Trying to save her brother,  she lost her own life. Asif’s body was recovered from the bottom of the pool. Both didn’t know how to swim.




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The Missing Honeybees

Daring Do
Tell us about the time you rescued someone else (person or animal) from a dangerous situation. What happened? How did you prevail?


When my (late) husband R was posted to Bannu, the Flagstaff house we got was old, and had been built in 1870. There were formal gardens with huge, ancient trees.

Some of these trees were home to wild honeybees. The wild ones are bigger in size than the ones which the beekeepers keep. Their honey is darker in shade, but tastes as good. So we got our own home supply of honey.

As usual, my husband was stationed at a border post, and came home for a short while now, and then. During one of his forays at home, he was invited to a dinner. There he met the host’s fifteen years old twin sons.

They were keeping honeybees as a hobby. They had paid a huge amount for a new variety. The honeybees got frightened somehow, and had vanished leaving the boys very sad.

Hearing their tale of woe, R invited them to our home, to come, and look at a new colony of honeybees, which had migrated to our place a week earlier. The boys came the next day. They were ecstatic when they found their lost pets.

They took their honeybees home, with thanks to R, who was sharp enough to notice them (in the first place), in the trees.