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Yesterday there were errands to be run. Son’s first stop was the bank. He checked out some money. After that we went to Kohl. My daughter in law needed something. While both of us went inside, Son was looking after his three months old daughter outside. He strolled a bit away from the car for a few moments.

At that time a thief broke the driver’s side window, and stole the money. Son had put the money in the divider between the two car seats. The thief had followed us from the bank. Son remembered the white car. He had seen it at the bank, and while we were getting out of our car, it came, and parked right next to us. He didn’t pay any attention to it, not knowing that in the next few minutes he was going to be robbed.

Afterwards the police came. They said that a lot of robberies like this were happening. Their advice was that whenever you withdraw money from the bank, head home first, not towards the Mall. You never know who is watching.


During my late husband’s bout with cancer, we stayed in Rawalpindi for about a year, and eight months. Tired of lugging bottled water to where we were staying, I thought of boiling my own. I never knew how horrible it would taste.It looked like we were drinking paint. The color wasn’t clear either. Bottled water in comparison was better. At least one could drink it when it was put in the fridge for cooling. It tastes terrible while warm. It’s only palatable when it’s ice cold.

I have been boiling water for years for drinking purposes. Once it’s no longer warm, I filter it through a muslin cloth into a cooler. I fill bottles with it, and then put them in the fridge. When away from home I buy bottled water from the market.

I was considered a total freak carrying my own water by my friends, and relatives till a time came people started buying bottled water. I wasn’t a weirdo any longer.

In Houston tap water is unsafe. We buy huge cartons of drinking water from Sam’s Club, or Costco. If there is a sale it gets much cheaper. I am appalled at the price of drinking water here.

We are fortunate in one aspect —  the water is sweet in Peshawar. Even after boiling it retains its sweetness, and is hundred times better than the stuff sold in the market.

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