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Values For Sheen

Daily Prompt: I Walk the Line
Have you got a code you live by? What are the principals or set of values you
actively apply in your life?

My Values in Life

Whatever you do, do your best.

Treat others the way you want yourself to be treated.

Live your life as an example to others with goodness in your heart.

Keep trying.

Keep believing.

Be happy.

Don’t get discouraged.

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Values For Sheen

What Others Have To Say

As a student I tried
To excel and do well
To shine among my peerage
My marks could tell

When I became a wife
Had hard work to do
To learn everything
You name but a few
Tried to excel the same as ever
My rock has shattered
Gone forever

As a mother I tried
To do well as a mother
Shine in my kids’ eyes
Teach them values, faith and courage
They turned out alright
My hat carries a feather

I try my best at everything I do
Still learning and loving
Whatever I do
I may be thinking
I stand nine feet tall
What others have to say
Is the crux after all

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