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Certain aromas put me off. The chief one is cinnamon. I don’t use it in baking. Another one which overwhelms me is vanilla. I only use a drop, or two when there is a need for it. Then another one on my list is fenugreek. I like it occasionally. What I dislike most of about it that its’ smell lingers on whenever it’s used. It won’t go away.

I liked the old fashioned kitchens to which you could close the door. The smell of cooking didn’t permeate throughout the house. I know when one is feeling  hungry, the aroma arising from the kitchen feels welcoming, and heavenly. After eating, I want the smell to disappear, and not grate on my nerves. 

There are other aromas which I like, and those are: the smell of coffee, bread being baked, sauté d onions, rice with cloves in it, and cardamom.

Last year when I visited Peshawar, and I was without a driver, I would call my older brother, or brother in law to take me out for shopping. My brother’s car had the aroma of freshly made coffee. One day I couldn’t help asking, “Did you have coffee just now?”

He burst out laughing. I was wondering whether I had said something wrong. He opened his dashboard, and dropped a sweets packet in my lap. They were coffee sweets, and finally I knew the secret why the car carried the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.




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Before leaving my sis’s home, I meant to take a picture of the small cheese cakes she had bought for me. It was hectic packing my carry on. My sister helped me to zip it. When I was having my breakfast, I had looked at the daily prompt. I thought I would take out the cakes from the freezer, and take a picture. In washing up the cup and plate I used, I totally forgot.

There were three varieties in the package. One was plain vanilla. The second one was fudge vanilla. The third one had probably raspberries  added to it. The second one was the best in taste. 

At the moment I have boarded the ferry to head back to Bridgeport from Port Jefferson. 

I have taken this picture from the lounge. It is rather fuzzy, because the windows are grainy. 

Picture of the miniature cakes. I asked my sister to send me the photo.




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Repent at Leisure 

Pistachio Ice cream in the making.

Back in 2010 my (late) husband, and I visited my daughter. At that time she lived in Charlottevilles, Virginia. My son in law who is a doctor by profession, but at heart he is a superb chef. He kept us giving different versions of ice creams; like chocolate vanilla, cookies & cream, banana & walnuts, mangoe ice cream, chunky monkey, and so on.

Each was better than the other. Once you are hooked on home made stuff, store brought doesn’t appeal.

My daughter did tell me to buy an ice cream maker like hers’, but we had no extra space to carry it back home. I consoled myself with the thought of finding one like that in the local market. The old quote “Act in haste, repent at leisure” could be modified in my case to “Don’t Act, repent at leisure”. My repent was, “why didn’t I buy one?”

Last year I bought one with two bowls, and I had my fill of home made ice creams.


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