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Too Clever for Me

One evening I was late in watering my vegetable plot. As I aimed the spray at the 🍅 plants, I noticed a black thing rushing out. It jumped right into a hole in the side wall of our home. It quickly disappeared into it.

I had noticed this hole, and had asked Son to close it. Previously I had seen a winged bug disappearing into it, and had stuffed a foam into it. It wasn’t a deterrent obviously 🙄.

Son, as usual was away from home. He was in Seattle for a case. That evening when he phoned I told him about our unwanted furry friend which had taken residence in the wall. I reminded him about the hole, and couldn’t hide my annoyance over his inability to take it seriously, and do something about it. I had been harping about it for the past five months.

Son was in one of his black moods, and answered, “How can I close a hole when I’m miles away?” Wrong answer! I was expecting that he would promise (an oft repeated promise) to seal it when he would be home.

Disappointed ☹️! I ranted to Nola (daughter) about the situation. She told me to keep a cat. I’m not a cat lady, and besides where would I keep it? There wasn’t any covered place in the backyard. Besides a cat, Nola had other suggestions: get mothballs (mice dislike the smell), and to stuff the hole with steel wool.

I forgot to mention that one , or two of them had taken to venturing into our garage. I often found its’ droppings on the floor of the garage beside the door leading into our home, and elsewhere. I had mentioned this to Son, but as usual nothing was done by him.

I dropped quite a few whole, and crushed mothballs into the hole in the wall. Waited an hour, or so for the dreaded thing to get out, and then firmly pressed steel wool into the opening. It took about eight of them to do the job.

When Son was back, he placed sticky traps in the garage for the creature. The only things they caught was a tiny lizard, and some bugs. Apparently it’s too clever for us.


Son prior to his divorce when he owned his home, went to great lengths planting his vegetable patch. He would test the soil for what it needed to grow the plants. He would buy the top soil, tomato, jalapeño, pepper, squashes, okra, aubergine plants and fertilizer. He would make the proper beds for them, and took great care in planting them. He would faithfully water them.

The end result was failure.

Nothing survived, except for mint and weeds. 

The weeds thrived, and in no time took over the whole patch.



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