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The Wild Beanstalks

The arbor which Son built for our grape vines

There are at present four grape vines growing, one in each corner. The front two ones which we bought on the internet, were costly. They were lush, and vibrant, in the initial stage of planting. One of them had immediately sprouted minuscule bunches of grapes. Then the rain happened. Suddenly they looked like withered twigs, and the leaves turned brown. We feared the worst, believing that they were dead.

Now Masha’Allah tiny leaves have reappeared again. I’m still holding my breath at whether they will survive.

The two other grape vines were inexpensive ones, which we bought from our nearest Walmart. They were doing well, but one of them is barely surviving. Something is fond of it’s leaves. Last evening when I went to water my plants, I noticed all the leaves have been eaten. Poor thing! I did spray a repellent on it’s leaves, but it didn’t help at all. And today when I looked at it, it has practically disappeared all together.

Masha’Allah all the pineapple tops I had planted (four in the ground, and two in pots) have grown new leaves inside the cluster of old ones. Once they grow lush I may post a photo of them.

I have to wait a week to gather enough okra to cook from the few plants I planted. Insha’Allah I will be planting more of them next summer. The egg plants have sprouted flowers. The Bell Peppers are having a slow growth. Son has given me Magical Growth to fertilize the plants, but the big trouble is the way grasses, weeds, and other such growth profit more than the plants.

My neighbor Lily gave me a few bean seeds, and two bitter gourd plants. The bean seeds grew into gigantic bean stalks to rival the beanstalk Jack had, we all read in our childhood stories. It’s spreading like wild fire, but alas I haven’t seen a single bean yet. Same is the case with the bitter gourd plants. There are flowers, but no bitter gourd in sight.

The wild Beanstalks


Let me test myself on the scales

Find out how much I weigh

What am I seeing, is this really true

Looks like I have gained

A few pounds, shouldn’t panic

Need to cut the chocs, and bakes

Go back to healthy ways

Veggies and salads are now my fate

Till I find out how less I weigh





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Usually my evenings are spent watching those shows which I like. I am in luck when there is no load shedding of electricity which is a common occurrence here.
I do my cooking at this time. Cooking bores me now and it’s repetitive, so while I do my cooking I watch my favorite TV shows if they are on. My pet dislikes are ads. I know they are a necessity. If there weren’t any ads the shows won’t run. I have noticed whenever a show is popular more ads are there.
I wish the ad people would come out with more interesting ads so that we don’t get bored with them. I think they should change them frequently too, like the coke ads. Some are so bad you dread watching them. I wish they come out with more innovative ideas so that (unfortunately) when I have to watch them I won’t take out huge chunks of hair from my already thinning patch in despair.
There is the milk ad. You are told if you add it to your tea it will be marvelous. You are bound to say, “What is wrong with that?” The thing which jars me is their prancing about. If they had done it imaginatively it wouldn’t look so cheap. Then there is the cream ad. A lovely lady with a smile tells you to use it. Somehow I doubt that lady using it on her arms and legs. If we did I am sure most of us will start resembling gorillas, because the non-existing hair will also come out for a breath.
Now the meat cubes ad! This one tells you to add it to your veggies. The cubes will make you feel you are having meat. What a choice! While the cost of meat is spiraling up and the currency is going down (thanks to our govt.) the cubes will do the trick and that at a steep price too.
Next in line is the cellular ad. You are told to spend a lot of bucks every day to get a shiny new car. It is your money which is being spent, not theirs. If they had such big hearts they would have given you a lower price of their phone package instead of minting you for money. They lure you with the tune that the more you spend; you will have a better chance of winning.
The one I like is where the sale person has a drink and he dances to get the escalator moving. To come back to my original bone of contention, I hate it when I am bored to death and would like to see a movie, there are so many ads linked to it I end up not seeing it. They waste your time. You start feeling sleepy and to keep awake you start munching this and that. Normally I give up and go to sleep.
Being starved for entertainment we are forced to watch such ads. My escape route is either to switch off or surf while the program takes a break.