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Fourth of July 2018

From the roof top of the covered parking.


Normally you don’t see anyone when Son, and I come out for a walk, but today it was Fourth of July many were up, and about waiting for the fireworks display at 9.30 pm. A few days back we had discovered the roof top of the parking area.

Earlier Son had said that it was a ten minute walk to the pier which was the venue for the display, and we could easily walk there. I vetoed the idea. After all the roof top was much nearer. It seemed everyone else were of the same mind, and were way ahead of us in getting coveted spots for videos, and photographs.


This video doesn’t exist


No Woman Driver


My daughter lives in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Women are not allowed to drive there. A woman is totally dependent on her husband to take her to get things done. If he is not available then she has to call a taxi. Monthly expenditures on taxis are high which cuts a hole in your budget.

My son in law has a great sense of humor. He sent me this uTube video he came across. I wanted to share it.