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When looking for fish oil capsules, or Vitamin C, I look at the label to find out that it doesn’t contain gelatin. Recently the cache I had hoarded, dwindled to zero. I had reminded Son time, and again, but as usual he has his own priorities. I dislike going on Amazon to order them, and for a time it looked like I would have to resort to doing so.

As for myself, I kept looking in isles of the shops we most frequent, but to no avail. They were available in every shop with gelatin in them, and what I wanted was –no gelatin. Why they are not for sale here in Houston? I have no idea, because else where they are readily available. Only in Houston it is an impossible feat.

Luckily I remembered that the last bottles of  Vit C were bought in Krogar in Charlottesville, VA. Asked Son to guide me to Krogar here.The previously bought label wasn’t there, but lucky for me I finally saw what I wanted hidden behind a host of other ones. I grabbed the last two on the shelf. They must have been waiting for me to come find them.



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