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It was a week later that I looked at my Walmart receipt. I was going through my shoulder bag, and wanted to clear the growing clutter in it. It really becomes a mess after a certain period of time. I had bought a sewing machine. The shop had not given it to me on the sale price displayed in the shop. I really should have looked at the total that day.

Needing some items, I was back at the shop, and took the machine sale slip with me. I showed the receipt to the attendant. She said I should have brought back the machine. Told her it was too much hassle packing it to bring it to the shop. Then another thought occurred to the lady. You must have bought it after the sale was over? That’s what she said.

No was my answer. Anyway the lady wasn’t interested in giving the money due to me. The receipt should have sufficed. Lucky for me the sale prices were still in place. After much hewing and hawing got the money from her, but it left a bitter taste. 

What it taught me was to look at the receipt before leaving the shop.



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I meaninglessly wander in Walmart, while Son talks with a neighbor from his former neighborhood. From previous experience I know he is going to talk for a while, and unless he finishes his natter, we won’t leave, though we are done with shopping.

Telling Son I would be in the tables’ area, I look for a writing table. I badly need one, but I have been putting it off. I will be using it for two purposes — writing, and sewing.With the recent buying of a sewing machine, the matter has become some how urgent. I can’t keep removing my sewing from the dinning table when it’s time for meals. It’s really bothersome.

The ones available are not to my liking. I will look for it somewhere else, when next time Son is available to go with me to the shops. Meanwhile I wait for him to finish his talks, and idly look at the merchandise trying to occupy myself.



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Last year at the end of May was my grandson IB’s tenth birthday. 2016 was a bad year for him as his mother broke up with his father, and left him anguished and sad. He would sit for hours in a corner, hidden behind a sofa. He wouldn’t eat properly. 

The food on his plate remains uneaten, and multiplies by magic, as he absent mindedly pecks at it. As a child he called Walmart Lamart. He would tell his father to buy it. We would laugh at his request, cause he couldn’t realize his father didn’t have that kind of money. He was ever ready to go with his father to buy something from there. Now when his father asks him to go along with him when he comes to spend a day, or two, he refuses.

I am frightened at the changes in him, but can’t do anything about it as we don’t live in the same house. 



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My Faithful Buddy

My nearest to having a buddy is my car. It can take me to stores for buying sustainance, or anything required. Women friends I like, live quite a distance from me, so we can meet occasionally. Going for a visit is a problem. I have yet to acquire a driving license.

People tend to tell me “if you need to go tell me”. For Heaven’s sake I am not going to ask. If you really want to help someone tell them a time to get ready and then take them.

People at dmv in Charlottesville tend to more Trump like in attitude towards Muslims. I am shying of another test there after my last encounter. My children suggested Waynesboro,  Staunton, or Richmond for a test. They are at a distance from where I live.

I do shorter drives to Food Lion,Kroger, or Exon for gas, then scuttle back home.

Day before yesterday I needed a fan for days when it gets warm. The choice was to go to Lowe’s or Walmart. I needed groceries too. I reached Walmart and parked my car. When I came out with my purchases it had rained and it looked like there was going to be another downpour coming.

I looked for my car. I couldn’t see it. One lady wanting to help told me to press the panic button on my car key to locate it. Nothing happened. I continued my quest for a sighting on my buddy, all the time praying for not getting drenched from the skies above.

A husband and wife climbed out of their car and asked me , “do you need help?” The wife laughed as she told me when she looked at my face she knew what I was looking for. She told me she had exactly the same expression on her face when she had mislaid her vehicle a month back. They asked about the make, color and number plate on the car. Both went in opposite directions. The wife came back — no success.

Her husband returned with the good news of where it was parked. Both were angels in helping me. Who cares a hoot in giving their time to a stranger? Both of them restored the sense of goodness in people. I hope we get to elect people like these not Donald Trump.



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A Trip to Walmart


Today’s prompt put the ban on answering it till noon. Any thoughts I had have been wiped clean. The shops were closed today except for Walmart. People like us who needed something, or the other converged on Walmart for shopping.

I needed gloves, and my son wanted a few things of his own, hence the trip to Walmart. I had to wait till his shopping was done, and we finally headed home. It has been drizzling the whole day. The drive way is covered with wet, brown leaves blown by the wind.

At getting outside the garage I noticed these daisies in the grass. How lovely they look!



High Noon

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