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The future of our home — the planet Earth is in jeopardy. If you throw stones at someone, you are bound to get hit by stones too. Threatening someone with a nuclear strike is no laughing matter.

Please God forgive us our sins, and save us from ravages of a nuclear war. Ameen.



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The Saga of Bri & Tiff


The two sisters were nothing alike. The eldest one Bri was tall, fair and a very shy person. The younger one was of medium height, dark, and wildly popular among her numerous friends. They hardly talked to each other, except when both were home, and fighting would erupt on their shared bathroom.

They could have avoided the confrontation over the bathroom by using other bathrooms in the house. Both wanted exclusive rights to the one nearer their bedrooms, and neither wanted to let go.

As soon as Bri would hear Tiff arriving home in her car, she would rush to the bathroom to take a shower. Tiff would bang on the door to let Bri know that she needed to use the bathroom. Bri would happily ignore the interruption, and annoyingly take as much time as she pleased.

To make matters worse, Tiff would retaliate by locking the bathroom from her side, and leave a light burning indicating she was in there. In reality she would be sprawled on her bed talking on the phone. This would piss off Bri. There was no end in sight except when their father was home.

Both would take a pause from their fighting. The war for the bathroom would erupt with a new vigor once their father left.



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Own Judgment

Daily Prompt: Second Opinion
What are some (or one) of the things about which you usually don’t trust your own judgment, and need someone’s else’s confirmation?

I used to need guidance in clothes. I would go with someone. After returning home, I would be terribly unhappy. Those clothes would be all wrong for me. Then I decided to do my shopping alone. There used to be errors, but with the passage of time they became far in between.

I learnt (on my own), color combination, and what looked good on me.

My husband’s motto was: buy expensive clothes, but few of them. I vacillate between the two guidelines: not very expensive, and more of them. Haha!

In my home country one gets used to bargaining at the local markets. I do get torn inside while looking at clothes. The shopkeeper doesn’t know about the turmoil in my brain.
“Isn’t this expensive?” I ask myself. I have the sneaky suspicion that he is asking an exorbitant price.

What I do? I slash it to half the price he is asking. The bargaining starts. He won’t budge after quoting a certain price. I decide to leave. He calls me back, and I get a deal.

Mentally I am aghast at myself that I should have quoted less than the one I said, but the moment to retrieve is gone. Poor indecisive me!