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Snow storm outside


We (Son and I) were looking forward to a visit from Nola (my daughter). Last we saw her was in Houston, about six months back. She came for a brief visit from Dallas. We were eyes deep in packing. Son had accepted a job offer in Cape Cod, and we were moving. Originally we thought we would make Fall River our home. Son searched for apartments, when he came back from Peshawar at the end of December. His joining time was 6th January. He didn’t find any suitable apartment, and decided to rent one in New Bedford.

Nola let us know that her stay was going to be brief, and she was staying for only two nights —March twenty first, and twenty second. Along came a warning for a blizzard. I was busy in the kitchen cooking her favorite foods, so missed her text about coming.

I kept glancing outside, and getting worried at the ensuing storm outside, and how she would drive from Boston in it. I wish I had seen her text earlier in which she said that she had postponed her coming. I was worrying myself needlessly. Anyway it was better to be safe than sorry. The storm was raging over Boston that day, and flights got cancelled.

Today I was thinking how quickly time has passed since last I saw my daughter!



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Saving on a haircut isn’t a good idea, but that’s exactly what I did. Gone are the days when haircuts used to last for a couple of months. After fifteen days my hair looks a horror. 

The grocery shop from I where I buy my vegetables is next door to a hair salon. I paused while passing it, and read the announcement of a half price. That lured me in, despite the dire warnings from Son who was two steps behind me, that cheap haircuts didn’t necessarily mean good haircuts. I overlooked his nuances.

Son was exhausted. Seeing I wasn’t going to listen to his low rumblings, he settled down in a chair, and promptly went to catch a nap. I felt nervous at getting my haircut from a new person. One never knows what will be the end result? 

I don’t think I will be entering that particular shop again in my lifetime. Once was enough.

The other day passing the shop I wanted to caution a new victim entering it, but gave up the idea. It wasn’t my place to do so.



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