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Nothing Remains


From M1, M 2, to M 3 (my grand daughters), all of them write well. They wrote interesting stuff on their grandfather (my late husband) every now, and then — but never a single word about me. Please don’t take it that I mind — never. I was their most loved figure (after their mother) in their young days.  I haven’t attracted them enough in my life time to write a single word about me.

Tell me, how do I attract a famous writer who doesn’t even know me, or heard about me?

So, I have no idea whether someone will be interested in writing my biography.

Or the idea is to write which writers I like? I have written sufficient number of times in my previous posts. No sense in repeating again.

Your Life, the Book

From a famous writer or celebrity, to a WordPress.com blogger or someone close to you — who would you like to be your biographer?

Memories Stay-the year 2014


Now I know the reason why the day to day, daily prompts went missing. WordPress was hard at work compiling for the bloggers at WordPress.com summaries of their blogs for them, for the year2014.

Thank you WordPress for the summary you sent me. I appreciate it. Thank you for the wonderful efforts you went through on my behalf.

My top ten were:

Words No More

I Will Never Grow Old

Life Without You

Three Things


Will it Last? March 17, 2014

No Secrets May29, 2014

Nothin’ But a Good Time Feb21, 2014

All I Want Dec10, 2014

Abandoned Temple March2, 2014

What’s Wrong?

Recently Acquired
by Ben Huberman
What’s the most important (or interesting, or unexpected) thing about blogging you know today that you didn’t know a month ago?


Day 14th —- the ping back doesn’t work. 😩

The unexpected ——- nothing done about making it to the grid. I lodged the complaint twice-thrice, answer=?

This has gone for 14 days now. Maybe WordPress is on the wane. It happened in the past, but would last only a day, or two. The problem used to be promptly corrected. It never extended for a longer period which it seems won’t end.

Whatever the glitch, are you working on it?


Life of Sheen

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