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Galveston, July 2016

The children wanted to fish. Son, and grandson IB spent the whole afternoon buying a fishing pole, worms and other paraphernalia for spending a day in Galveston. I never knew fishing needed a whole cart load of things. 

IB kept the fishing gear beside his bed. He was so excited, and the first to get ready for our fishing excursion.  As we didn’t have a fishing license, we could only fish on the pier which jutted out to sea. We bought whole day tickets for the right to fish.

IB waiting for a fish to get caught.

IB caught this fish.

Sn and IB caught a lot of small fishes, which they didn’t keep, and threw them back into the waters below. Son and I had to prize them off from the pier to go in search of sustenance, and plus say our Zuhr Prayers in the local mosque. They impatiently ate their food wanting to get back to their fishing.

Sn (grandson) holding a fish. I barely had time to take a picture, when he threw it back into the sea.

In the evening Son, and I kept reminding them that it was getting dark, but they wouldn’t budge. It was eight before we managed to leave. The children were reluctant. They wanted to carry on. Despite the late hour we saw more people coming for late night fishing. Sn vowed with himself aloud to come another day, and spend a night in Galveston for fishing.




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