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What The Future Holds?

This is in response to Weekly Writing Challenge: DNA Analysis

My face reflects that of my father. When I was a child anyone who saw me would invariably remark to my father, “She looks just like you.” My father would look pleased. My father was fair in colour. He had thick jet black hair and black eyes which looked striking in his face. I differed with brown eyes and gold brown hair. It must have been the bone structure and over all resemblance that led to that remark. I don’t remember my mother’s looks as she died at quite a young age of twenty eight. Probably my brown hair and eyes came from my paternal Grandma.

I am five feet one inch. Both my parents were five feet ten inches tall. In height I went to Grandma. She was petite.

Grandma and my three aunts were very pretty, specially my younger two aunties were lovely with green eyes. I think I got my nose from my father. My father was my “Knight in Shinning Armor,” for a long time till I married my husband.

Everybody has a flaw. No one is perfect. Father was calm and cool so my quick temper must be from my mother. I will never know.

My cleanliness habits came definitely from father. He was a very clean and meticulous person. I am a maniac and try to kill myself on regular basis in cleaning my home from top to bottom. I have passed on the cleaning gene to my daughter. She complains regularly about it to me. I should know. It is extremely tiring.

I am a very shy person. My face flames a fiery red in a few seconds. I have a too expressive face. I wish it was not so. People familiar with me can gauge my feelings from the expressions on my face. If I am trying to hide something my face turns red. I can’t fathom from where that came, because grandma, father, uncles and aunts weren’t shy at all.

My dimples got passed on to my son, but my daughter and grand daughters got my voice. My husband’s voice is echoed in my son’s and grandsons voices. My children’s feet and grandsons feet are ditto copies of my husband’s feet. Even their hands are copies of my husband’s hands. Can you imagine my son and grandsons have twenty eight teeth each, exactly like my husband? My daughter and I, we both have thirty two teeth.

My husband had sea green eyes. Both the children got their eye color from me. One of my grandson has got green eyes but their color is lighter.

My husband and I were good at studies. Both of us got scholarships to college. Our children surpassed us by being Gold Medalists. My husband was a Maths Wiz. Both my children got the Math gene from him. My husband’s friends used to think that I was the person who imparted those critical genes. I must confess I didn’t.

In reality I hated Maths. It was compulsory for Science students to take Elective Maths in higher classes. To this day I have nightmares. My Math teacher glares at me in my dreams and I am unable to find solutions to Algebra and Trignometry. I am there with bowed head and shaking nerves.

My husband was diabetic. He had open heart surgery and he died of stomach cancer. The medicines which he took after his heart surgery contributed to his having cancer. Please, who ever has heart problems should closely check their medicines.

I do worry about my children getting these diseases. I feel apprehensive about the future.

What the future holds for me?

I can only put my trust in God and hope the two people most important in my life, my SON and my DAUGHTER are there for me till I am alive.

What The Future Holds?