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A Pinch Of You

Mother wanted a child. It was past seven years and a few months now. Time was passing in a blur. She begged God day and night.


Her pleas finally got God’s attention. The materials at hand were;
Shyness Cups Unlimited
Bashfulness Cups Unlimited
Indecisiveness as much you want
Blushes 1 Cup
Neatness 3/4 Cup
Cleanliness 1 Cup
Forgetfulness 1/2 Cup
Brains 3/4 Cup
Fairness plus Brown Hair plus Brown Eyes as needed
Books to be used as blood in the body so the child gets hungry for them the minute she sniffs

All these He put together. He sent the Concoction to the Mother.


She was ecstatic at getting the Gift from God. Nine months later she held her baby girl in her arms.


She prayed for a baby
And a baby she got
But Alas! The time she had
Was a time too short

She enjoyed this baby. In a period of five years more she got three more babies. Finally she left them all to Life’s Harsh Winds for her Final Abode.


That baby grew up, and morphed into a young lady. Met Life’s Companion. Got married. Got Life’s Joys. (Two Kids) The Life’s Companion, she had, left alone on a Final Journey to Eternity.

The Life we had
And the life, I live now
Was Spring
Now it’s Fall

Galveston Beach 2010

Storm photo and mother praying, courtesy of Web.

A Pinch Of You/weekly writing challenge