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As a child I loved skipping a rope. It was easy to jump. My favorite pastime was climbing trees, and jumping from low branches, and walls. Playing with the other girls I enjoyed skipping a rope when you are playing against others –as to who will skip the longest. 

 I was happy to see a skipping rope in my son’s apartment. I tried to skip. My feet had lost their co-ordination. My reflexes had gone real slow. My jumping and the rope was at loggerheads.

I was alone, otherwise it would have been embarrassing if someone was watching me.




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From You to You

My darling younger self,

The days you are living now will soon become a distant memory. At the end of October, next year when your fifteenth birthday comes, you will have acquired a stepmom by then. Life will be harder to live. Don’t lose your sanity, and hang on to God.

Father will change. He will be loving no more. Don’t take his harshness to heart, because in the year after next he won’t be alive. These are the last years of his life. Be loving to him, and to your two younger brothers and sister. In the years to come they are going to suffer more than you ever did. I am sorry to spring this on you.

Keep away, and beware of the uncles and aunt you have. They only have their own interests at heart. Don’t be too trusting.

From the elder you.

Twenty years from now.

Dear Love,

Are you still hanging out there? Hope life doesn’t have more surprises for you, and you haven’t lost heart.

Take care, and be alive.

From Me to You.

From You to You

Write a letter to your 14-year-old self. Tomorrow, write a letter to yourself in 20 years.