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Apprentice means a learner. At the moment I’m learning how to cut my hair by watching YouTube videos. I had a bad hair experience about three months ago. I looked awful. I kept my hair covered even when there was no one at home to look at me. I looked a fright. Daughter got fed up with my wishing I had never gone into that shop

That got me thinking why not do it myself? It’s difficult, specially cutting hair at the back. Besides I don’t have mirrors at the side, or back. The first time I did it carefully. It wasn’t perfect, but after a week it started looking better. 

Day before yesterday, I had another go. It didn’t end well, since I was in a hurry to come out of the bathroom. I share a bathroom with grandsons, and they were with us for a two day period. The back of my head looks kind of bizarre. 

I’m hoping with a color session my hair may look better, or maybe in a week’s time hair growth will cover up the flaw in cutting. Wishful thinking that’s what I’m doing at the moment.



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Liked Song

It used to so easy to copy a link, and paste it on to the blog, and the video would play. Now I have tried various ways, but I have not been able to do it.

I don’t watch songs on a regular base, so I am never up to the minute with songs.


Mixed Tape Masterpiece 

You make a new friend. Make them a mix tape (or playlist, for the younger folks) that tells them who you are through song.

Behind in Things

Avant Garde
by Ben Huberman
From your musical tastes to your political views, were you ever way ahead of the rest of us, adopting the new and the emerging before everyone else?

I am way behind everyone in musical tastes to political views.

Politics in my home country is nothing but bad news. To keep my heart functioning, and away from harm, I forgo news.

Regarding US politics — it’s just the same.

YouTube is banned in my home country. I can’t get to see even those home videos of family sent by my daughter.

Here I can see them, but find time a constraint in watching. Who knows after being stopped from viewing, has made me a non-watcher.