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Ring of Fire-2


I had bought different gauges of wire, chemical solutions in four colors, and two shades of green papers. I was all set to go to a friend’s house to learn from her the mystery of making the flowers.

In those days every other home had the flowers framed, and hanging. I learnt how to make the flowers, but I never made a framed picture of them, because I didn’t want them any longer.

We (the children, and I) were living in Quetta, while my (late) husband R was in Sukkur. When R was at home, I would make two dishes (for lunch, and dinner) early in the morning before ten o’clock, so as to have the rest of the day for other activities. Since R wasn’t at home, so one dish sufficed for us.

My friend Farida’s children, and mine were more, or less the same age. My children accompanied me to Farida’s home. 

Farida explained to me how the flowers were made. It was super easy. You only had to bend the wires into various shapes for petals, leaves and stems, and dip them into the solution.

By the time we finished it was lunch time. Farida insisted we stay for the meal. I sent my son home (we lived near by) to fetch the Zucchini meat dish I had made for our lunch. All of us converged on the dinning table.

I put a serving spoon full of what Farida had made for lunch in my plate. After the first bite my eyes were watering, and my nose started running. Blindly I gulped a glass full of water down my throat. Even another glass didn’t do the trick of extinguishing the fire in my mouth and throat. 

My children, and I ate our own food. While we found our hostess dish too fiery,  ours’ was too bland for their taste, and liking.

To each his own, that was proven.


Ring of Fire

Do you love hot and spicy foods or do you avoid them for fear of what tomorrow might bring?