Till We were Lost

Daily Prompt: Wrong Turns
When was the last time you got lost? Was it an enjoyable experience, or a stressful one? Tell us all about it.

There are zero chances of getting lost, if you are using Garmin, or Tom Tom. There is still a chance of your going a longer route if you use them, but you can be sure of reaching the correct destination.

There was a time when my son S never used them. He relied on maps.

My husband and I were with Nola (our daughter). She was living in Charlottesville at that time. My sister wanted us to come and stay with her for a while. I promised her that once we spent some time with S in Houston, we will take a flight to New York.

S (along with his family) came by road to take us with him back to Houston. Meanwhile my husband decided to cut short our visit of four months, and take a flight back home.

Knowing my sister would be terribly upset if I reneged on my promise to visit her, I phoned her whether we could come earlier for two days only. I also let her know that S and family will be along with us.

We left Charlottesville early one morning, to drive the 500+ miles to my sister’s home. It was tiring, and the frequent stops for restrooms, and eating stretched the journey more.

Driving through the evening rush hour of New York City cost us an hour. We finally crossed over to Long Island. It was 7pm by the time we got nearer to my sister’s home.

S had been driving the whole day. He was tired and cankterous. My husband and the kids badly needed to go to the restrooms. Alas! There wasn’t any in sight.

S had taken a wrong turn nearer my sister’s home. We were lost, and wandering around. S phoned for directions, and we finally made it after 45 minutes.

The minutes we were searching, were torturous. When I saw my sister at the front door, I was simply glad that our journey was over.


Till We Were Lost

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