Plead the Fifth

I had two children by choice. I could have more if I wanted. My (late) husband had zero patience with kids. I was on my own most of the time in bringing them up, as he used to be away on military exercises, border duties, and so on.

Obnoxious relatives assumed that I was unable to have more children. It was a crime in their eyes. They would advise that my husband get another wife.

Tired of them, when one woman said it to my face, I could contain it no longer. I was like, “What?”.

I was taken aback, but gave a rejoinder, “don’t worry about my husband. If he wants, he can get himself another wife. Why don’t you get another husband?”

It was like pouring oil on a burning fire. She shot up to her feet, and spluttered, “how dare you say such a thing?”

I looked at her calmly, “the same way you advised me to get a wife for my husband”.

Daily prompt: What question do you hate to be asked? Why?

My “Me Time”

My grandson IB having his “me time”, beneath the beanbag. His dirty feet stick out.

Me and my “me time”

It’s never here

Time flows with silver wings

I can’t catch it unaware 

The daily chores take their time

No “me time” is there

Me Time

What’s your ideal Saturday morning? Are you doing those things this morning? Why not?

You are Great!

It happened to me today of all days. I had to pay a bill. I searched for my credit card, and ATM card. The last I had used it was to buy a birthday gift. Then I had gone to Sam’s Club with my son to buy some essentials I needed. I searched in all my bags, and purses, beginning with the one I had used that day.

I asked myself, “did I put it back in my bag?” The recollection was hazy.

The cold room which doesn’t get heated properly became as hot as an afternoon sun over Houston. My face started perspiring– my hands got clammy, and my heart started pounding.

I took the dopatta off my head to cool it a bit — all the better to search in earnestly for those absconding cards.

Suddenly I remembered what I had to say, when one is searching for something missing.

Surah Baqarah, verse 156


To Allah we belong, and to Him we return.

I looked through my black shoulder bag again ( I had already searched thrice through it). In a corner were lying what I was searching for.

I was Happy!

Thank you Allah. You are Great.

Three Shots

The first shot: this is me at Bolivar Peninsula March, 2014. I easily get sunburned. The sun visor helped a little bit in protection. We spent the whole day out, and got back home at ten at night.

My daughter visited in August last year. We went downtown. You can see my face peeking out when I posed for this shot.

This shot shows our perfect host Sh with a guest at the Thanksgiving lunch she invited us. Sh is the one holding the Turkey dish. It was baked to perfection, moist and soft. Towards her right you can glimpse her daughter in the background.

I never liked the creamed potatoe concoction (it’s visible in the photo), but on this occasion I liked it for the first time. Everything was simply delicious.

Loneliness is a Foe

Cut Off
by Michelle W.
When was the last time you felt really, truly lonely?


Loneliness is a foe to be kept at bay

It can lead one to acute despair

You have to keep it banishing everyday

With books to read, and works you prefer

Sometimes succeeding, other times not

You can’t give in to what you fear

What I do is to keep myself busy

With good thoughts, and my daily prayers

Then there is my God, who watches over me

He buoys me up, and keeps me in good cheer

A Guide to Peshawar

Local Flavor
Write a piece about a typically “local” experience from where you come from as though it’s an entry in a travel guide.

If you visit Peshawar, don’t forget to sip green tea (at the end of a meal, or if you feel like taking tea). You will never get the same taste any place else in the world. Although I am by birth a Pathan, but I have never been able to emulate that taste in my home brewing session of green tea.

“How bad! How sad!” My favorite expression of lamenting anything gone wrong.


Then another thing! Get yourself a pair of Peshawari Chappals (footwear). They are simply unique. Order them to be made exactly for your foot size. You can wear them throughout summer. They don’t cost the earth. You will be surprised at the price you can get them. Do try three-four shops to find out the real price before you decide. Don’t forget bargaining.

Ladies can buy themselves Khussas.

Another typical fare is Lamb Tikka. Simply delicious!
A must to eat are Chapli Kababs. But you must first ascertain that your stomach is up to digesting them. Just joking!


Don’t forget to buy Chitrali Topi as a headgear for yourself.


Hope you enjoyed the local fare.

Sadly the “War on Terror” has brought only terror to Muslim countries, and death, and destruction to Muslim people. A nightmare which is fueled by hatred, religion, and greed. The ones who are killed are Muslims, and the ones who are suffering are Muslims, and Alas! there is no end in sight.

Photos Credit: thanks to Google.


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