Are We Guinea Pigs?

Last year we had hoped that soon we people would be over Covid-19, and we will be out of the quagmire in which we found ourselves. This year that hope is no longer there. The vaccine which came along further became a nightmare. People who got vaccinated got sick again with further variations of the dreaded disease.

The vaccine is not effective. The other thing which is terrifying is, that it is not really a vaccine. It messes up with our DNA. Have we become guinea pigs for our rulers to be experimented upon? Why isn’t FDA approving Novavax which is not mRNA based like Pfizer, and Moderna?

The Little Fiend

It’s a shame which happened to a girl in Pakistan. She had gone to visit Minar i Pakistan on Independence Day on 14th August. The barbaric way her clothes were torn, and ripped off, one can’t imagine in this day, or time. There was not a single decent soul there to stop the spectacle.

There was a young boy in the video you could see who was as much part of the crowd, taking unholy glee in tearing clothes off the girl’s body. The police was unreachable. I wonder why the guards there didn’t stop all those mad people?

What happened to the poor girl was horrific. Those men there should be exemplary punished. As usual people are piling the blame on the victim that she was a Tic Tocker who made cheap videos. Whatever she did, or was doing she didn’t deserve what happened to her at the hands of those fiends.

To Catch My Dreams

I’ll hang a dream catcher to catch my dreams

Won’t let them fly away to another world unseen

Should tethered them firmly inside my head

To keep them for years for eternity ahead

Won’t ever let my dreams to fade, and go away

To empty air, and dust untread

Bright, and glimmering giving rays full of hope

That maybe some day they will come true instead

(Sheen, Aug 2021)

Mowing Lawn

I have to practically badger my son to to cut the gigantic grass (due to Son’s negligence) growing front, and back. As the grass grows over the acceptable length, I start reminding him to find time to cut the grass, to which he listens with half an ear. I find that my recriminations goes in through one ear, and goes out through the other one. Then once in a blue moon he cuts the grass. After doing the needful, he forgets all together, that it has to be done every week (in summers). If not then every two weeks.

Time, and again, I tell him to engage a grass mowing service, to which his reply is that he needs the exercise. I dislike my constant reminders. Now what to do?

One thing I can do is to take care of the grass myself. I don’t want to do it. Why? Because it will become my additional chore.

Since yesterday I have been at it again: the reminders. In the morning the excuse was that he had to finish his office work. I consoled myself with the thought that he may do it in the evening. The excuse in the evening was that it was forty five minutes to Maghreb prayers, so it couldn’t possibly be done.

Today I waited till it was ten. I phoned to remind him. He wouldn’t pick up the phone. I sent him a message, “Coming up the stairs to pound your door.”

The instant reply,” Please knock on the adjoining door.”

Son in law who is on an Eid visit is sleeping in the next room.

Mini Rock Garden

My outdoor rock garden
My indoor cactuses

My outdoor rock garden suffered a draught of water, while I was away, so there were casualties. Some didn’t survive. I have removed the dried ones. I thought I had removed all of them, but after taking the photo, I can see the one I missed.

My indoor cactuses had one too. It had turned black by getting more water than needed.

Every year it’s like gaining new knowledge about plants. Last year it was about growing pineapples. They didn’t survive my absence of two months plus getting entombed in snow during the month of February. There are some really mini ones growing in a plastic container. I’m waiting for them to grow a bit stronger before planting them outside.

This year it was roses, and how easy it was to grow them from cuttings. I have Masha’Allah about nine of them of them now grown from cuttings. I wish I had this knowledge years before.

I had a Dracaena. In a way still have it. It hanged onto life with tenacity when I wasn’t there to rescue it. Last year it was about to give up for forever by turning a sickly yellow, I transferred it from the pot to the ground. It started flourishing. I was so happy. Come February, and the snow got it. The only remain was an ugly, dry, black stump. For a month I let it be, then tired with waiting for it to show any sign of life by turning green, I tried to pull it from the ground. It wouldn’t budge. I left it for Son to help me with pulling it out.

Son, as usual with him wasn’t home. He would be away some place else. Thank God for miracles. Lovely new green leaves sprouted from the base of the ugly stump. Masha’Allah.

My Plants

I have been away from home, because my dentist is in Dallas. It was the last step on my implant getting a crown for it. I got back last Sunday. Before going I requested Son, and wife to look after my indoor, outdoor plants, and vegetables patch in my absence. Son, thankfully came back for me to bring me home, otherwise I would had to travel by bus.

Nola (daughter) dislikes my plants. I won’t stay for longer periods because of my plants. She would like me to forget them, which I can’t. They are living things. If they are not looked after properly, they die. Son keeps busy because of his job (he is in Arizona for a day). I have asked him time, and again to get me a sprinkler system, but he hasn’t got around to do it. At the moment I’m patiently waiting for that to happen.

Alas my worst fears were realized. Most of the flowers, and vegetables seedlings disappeared. Others were shriveled due to lack of water. Whenever I asked Coco (daughter in law), she would say it has been raining almost every single night since I left. I would feel relief at nature taking care of my babies. She mistook the condensation on windows (in the mornings when you draw back the curtains) for rain. How could one even think that way? I’m thankful—- the inner ones survived.

Life of Sheen

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