Forever Young

If I can have the face and figure I had at eighteen, why not?

But there is a contingency to it. 


With the above I would like to have the same knowledge I have now. Only and only then I will drink from it.

Then again if it entails living forever, I won’t drink. I would like to remain the same as I am now till death comes.

I remember as a child when I saw my dead mother, my thoughts were of dodging death. Stories abound in every culture of fountain of life. I thought when I grew up I would search the world for it. As if it was an easy thing? Ha!

As a teenager realization struck that roaming the world alone, unprotected wasn’t a choice. The world was a dangerous place, and going alone was a folly. I never ventured anywhere unattended.

I did read the chilling story of a man who searched the world for fountain of life. He wanted to escape death. When he reached it, he was delirious with happiness. He was about to drink when he noticed old people lying about the place, who couldn’t move at all. He found that those were the ones who had drunk from the fountain.

They were living forever, wishing for death to come and death wasn’t coming.

Forever Young

If there were a real Fountain of Youth, would you drink the water?

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Oft Repeated

I wish the Daily Prompt comes up with some new topics. This said I will write about the trip we took to Carvins Cove, Virginia. The Carvins Cove Natural Reserve spreads over 12,700 acres, and is known for hiking, biking, fishing, boating and kayaking.

My daughter Nola had packed a lunch to take with us. It consisted of baked chicken wings, corn on the cob and a salad of strawberries, fresh spinach, tangerines and walnuts. After finishing with lunch we returned to the lake.

We had two options. One was kayaking, and the other one was pedal boating. I don’t know swimming. As a child I didn’t have an opportunity to learn, and as an adult I had become a bit squeamish. Then a time came when I wanted to learn, my (late) husband squished the idea.

The lake was fifty feet deep so Nola and I opted for a pedal boat as both of us were non swimmers. The four children (two to one kayak) donned their vests and were soon mere specks on the lake. 

Nola made me sit first in the boat. We wore vests too. Nola climbed over with strict instructions that if the boat turned over I should hang on to the side of the boat, and shouldn’t let go. The boat had a mind of its own. It didn’t want to leave the shore. We would face it outwards, and it would turn inwards. After struggling with it, Nola called out to a boater who had arrived with his own boat. His reply was he knew his own boat, and had never sat in a pedal boat. Many like him were arriving with their own large boats.

It was disheartening. There we were ready to take off on our adventure and we weren’t able to do so. We climbed down. While I waited, Nola went to the couple who let us hire their kayaks and boat. There was no refund of money. The couple had charged us more for the use of the pedal boat.

We took a kayak and changed our vests. We were soon on the lake. I won’t deny the fears I had that if it capsized I will be touching the bottom. Nobody was there to save us. The owners had told us the tales of those who didn’t make it.

We soon got the hang of it. To turn right we used the oar to the left, and to turn left it was the other way round. To go straight we used both sides. One hour passed so quickly. It was fun. It was a cloudy day so we didn’t get sunburned.

The children didn’t want to leave. They were persuaded to leave with a promise of seeing the movie The Antman at the theater. With our muscles and joints aching with the unaccustomed exercise we headed home.

Daily Prompt: Missing Sequels

If you could create a sequel to one favorite (standalone) movie, which would it be? How would it build on the original?

My New Friends

Last week I was returning back to Houston. I had missed my next plane from Atlanta, Georgia due to the storm brewing over it.

In the air train four young people (3 boys and a girl) befriended me in guiding to the next train. They had pulled me down with them when I didn’t know where to get down. It was nice of them, and they all shouted goodbyes to me with instructions to get down on which terminal.

I had a long wait ahead of me for the next plane flying to Bush International. A young man walked to the seat beside me, asking whether it was taken. When I replied in the negative he sat down in it.

He was eating something. When he finished, he started talking. I am never the one to start conversations with total strangers. If he hadn’t, I would have never spoken to him. He was easy to talk to, and soon we were chatting like old friends.

He was a dentist by profession, and had applied for enrollment for further studies at Houston. He was going for an interview. He was apprehensive as to getting in the program. I tried to bolster his confidence with talk of him succeeding at it this time.

He showed me a picture of his three months old son, and his pretty wife. His old parents lived with him. He was all praise for his wife for looking after his aged parents.

We talked, and laughed during our long wait at the airport. My wait wasn’t boring, because of him. I wished him luck, and good health, as we got in line to board the plane.

Daily Prompt: Middle Seat

It turns out that your neighbor on the plane/bus/train (or the person sitting at the next table at the coffee shop) is a very, very chatty tourist. Do you try to switch seats, go for a non-committal brief small talk, or make this person your new best friend?

Take a Chance on Me

The biggest chance I took in recent years is my shifting here at the behest of my children. I am still trying to find my feet. I didn’t do my homework while taking the chance, and I am finding myself full of regrets.

Up till now my papers are not ready. I have not found a house with ever dwindling of my funds. I am unhappy, disappointed over many things and so on.

I have found out more about the people in my life. That is a plus thing finding out the true nature of people. I wouldn’t have if I had remained cocooned back home.

But the main thing is I am trying to remain upbeat inspite of the circumstances. I am trying to find solace holding onto little moments in my life to allay fears within my soul.

Sometimes it does become overly dark with misgivings. I try to breathe, and still hold onto sanity. 
Daily Prompt: Take a Chance on Me

What’s the biggest chance you ever took? Did it work out?

No, Thank You


All those words used as profanities —- I would ban them. I don’t like them being used in books and movies. Young, impressionable minds adopt them as favorites. They think it’s cool to use them in their everyday life.

I detest the usage.

I wish them banished.

Daily Prompt: No, Thank You

If you could permanently ban a word from general usage, which one would it be? Why?

We Are Nothing

We are nothing but pawns

In fate’s hand

To be moved according to plan

We don’t know what will happen next

Will we be happy or sad to be exact

Who so ever believes

He is the master of his destiny

Is mistaken entirely 

What the Creator wills for us

Is our destiny



Que Sera Sera

Do you believe in fate or do you believe you can control your own destiny?

Books that Sting

I never knew books could bite and sting. I don’t read serious stuff. There are enough problems in my life to be burdened with more. No, thank you.

Talking of stings remind me of wasps clinging to water drops on the grass in the backyard of our village home. During summer the wasps come back. They thrive in the heat and make their nests everywhere. I am forever busy in trying to remove their nests from our verandahs. At moments like those I am mad at our lazy watchman. When the grass is watered they swoop down to drink.

The first time I looked outside I thought of daisies. I had a nasty surprise when they turned out to be wasps. I had not put on glasses to see properly— my fault. The color contrast is beautiful — green and yellow.

I have not kept a washing machine in the village home. My (late) husband and I used to go occasionally to the village. Another factor was, and  is the state of electricity. It is rarely in working mode.

When I have to hang washing on the clothes line outside, I keep on repeating an Ayat from the Quran, so as not to be stung by the wasps. It works when I step through the grass, and the wasps angrily buzz off.

Here is the Ayat 130, Surah 26 Shuaraa, Section 7.

130. Wa-itha batashtum batashtum jabbareena

Translation of Ayat 130. “And when ye exert
Your strong hand,

Do ye do it like men

Of absolute power?”

Do you know I had forgotten the Ayat was from which Surah? I looked up Google. Thank you Google. You are the best.

Daily Prompt: That Stings!

Franz Kafka said, “we ought to read only books that bite and sting us.” What’s the last thing you read that bit and stung?