My Own Style

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My daughter laughs at our daily prompts. She says it’s all about your own self. For example: I do this ——  I like this, and so on ——-.

So here goes for the umpteenth time.

I never look to others. I wear what pleases me, and the colors I like. I have always gone for comfort in everything. I am never concerned to what others wear. Women, and girls were wearing floor length shirts around me. I stuck to my knee length ones. Shirts went up the knees, I am still wearing my old ones.

Now that I am wearing pants, and jeans I go for hundred percent cotton ones, and shirts which cover the arms, and crotch. Cotton being pricey, I wait for sales, and then get them at a reasonable price.

I keep my hair short. It’s easier to maintain. When I was younger, my (late) husband never allowed me to cut my hair. I adhered to his wishes till he finally bowed down to my wish.

I do my cooking using less of oil, and spices, except when cooking for guests. For my daily diet, I am more into salads, nuts, and fresh fruits. On occasions where I am forced to, I keep up the pretence that I have eaten everything.

In communication I have zero skills. I am shy, and have a tendency to go into a hiding mode. If I were a tortoise it would have suited me. I could hide beneath my shell. Bliss indeed!

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Describe your personal style, however you’d like to interpret that — your clothing style, your communication style, your hair style, your eating style, anything.


It happened to me yesterday. I was on the flight from Houston to Atlanta, and onwards to Roanoke, Virginia. When the flight reached Atlanta, for some reason the aircraft’s doors weren’t opened for the passengers to disembark. We remained sitting for quite some time.

After getting off the plane, I asked for directions to the next terminal for boarding the plane. It wasn’t mentioned on my boarding pass. The lady put me in a cart to catch the train to the terminal.

I didn’t look at the time, figuring I had enough until boarding started. I went to a restroom, leisurely brushed my teeth, and freshened up. After putting my hijab back on, I wandered to my terminal.

Some people were standing in lines, while others were sitting. I thought the lines were for a different flight, so I didn’t take any notice.

I immersed myself in playing Sudoku on my IPad. I had not set the time to change automatically on my IPad. It was set to Houston time. Atlanta was one hour ahead.

After finishing my game it registered with me that the whole sitting area was empty. I went to the desk to enquire, and was told that the flight was already boarded. The chap knew my name without my telling, as I was the last one straggler.

Wasn’t I embarrassed to see everyone waiting for me. I was looking for my seat number. It was at the back of the plane. The sweet couple sitting at the back of my seat laughed, and said, “Here you are. It’s all yours”. The man got up to help me in stowing my carry on.

Thank God I didn’t miss my plane, otherwise I would have caused unnecessary worry to my children.

Isn’t Your Face Red

When was the last time you were embarrassed? How do you react to embarrassment? 

The Wrong End

This is my (late) husband R’s story which he used to laugh about. 

One day he was running a temperature. His red face drew the Principal’s wife attention. She asked him, “why is your face all red?”

R in those days wasn’t at his best in the English language, and his reply was, “I am in a temper”. He meant he wasn’t well, and was having a temperature.

Poor lady! She was taken aback by his answer. She demanded, “young man, now why are you in a temper?”
Dictionary, Shmictionary

Time to confess: tell us about a time when you used a word whose meaning you didn’t actually know (or were very wrong about, in retrospect).

A Soul Rejoices

I am answering yesterday’s prompt.

I was deadbeat yesterday. I reached my bed (the previous night) at 2.30 am (preparations for food). Got up at 5.10 to answer the Fajr Prayer, then headed towards the kitchen to resume what further needed to be done.

I made two sweet dishes, so that the ladies had a choice. In between I managed to make breakfast too. Then prepared a huge bowl of salad. The chicken pieces which I had coated with my special mixture (a day before), I put them in the oven to bake. Last item left was Chinese fried rice. It was to go with Gen Tsao chicken which I had done a day earlier. 

For the past many years when it was my turn to invite someone for food, I managed by inviting them to a restaurant. Yesterday was really an uphill task by doing the cooking myself. It would have looked odd inviting people to a restaurant for a reading of the Quran.

I am glad I held the rememberance for my (late) husband. I was afraid I may not be able to manage.

All that food doesn’t reach a soul. When people gather to read God’s Book, Angels come, and watch. They go, and tell the dead person’s soul, “your ……… did this, and sent God’s Blessings on you”.

And the soul rejoices.

Game of Groans

Think about an object, an activity, or a cultural phenomenon you really don’t like. Now write a post (tongue in cheek or not — your call!) about why it’s the best thing ever.

Time 2013, and Now

Time, and 2013 came up when I looked up one of my favorite blogs. Since today I am short of time I will write about today. I invited a few ladies for lunch for tomorrow. I have to do all the preparations. 

On 2nd August is my husband’s third death anniversary. I have invited the ladies for reading of the Quran. This occasion is for praying for him. I will be traveling that day, so I am having the rememberance earlier.

First, and foremost was getting mint leaves from the outside vegetable patch. It’s over run with weeds. The weeds flourished with abandon over mint, tomato, and strawberry plants. To get at the mint leaves I pulled out handfuls of weeds. Underneath I unearthed Bannana peppers. 

They are lovely. Aren’t they? And the smallest was cute.

In the morning I had given a list of things, and money to my son for my culinary efforts for tomorrow. So before he left for office, he brought home what I wanted.

I have to do the cooking, and cleaning. Hope I survive!


______ is the new ______

Click over to your favorite blog, and pick out the 4th and 14th words (that aren’t “the” or “an”). Drop them into this phrase:

“_____ is the new _____.”

There’s your post title. Now write!

Simply the Best

The new Voyager should carry a warning, and a danger sign with them to the inhabitants found on a distant horizon.

“We humans are all set to conquer your realms. See our mug shot, that’s what we average humans look like. Oh I forgot with skin on our bones we look a bit different.

Be warned: once we come (sorry to be so frank), we will take over your resources, and blast you into oblivion. That’s what we usually do, when we reach a distant shore.

Till then make hay while the sun shines”.

Simply the Best

NASA is building a new Voyager spacecraft that will carry the best of modern human culture. What belongs onboard?

Fourth Wall

I wouldn’t like to spend a day inside a movie —– not at all. Though there was a time, when I loved seeing movies —- new English ones, and Indiana Jones movies. Now when someone mentions a good movie, I can’t find time to watch it.

For seeing a movie it’s a pre-requisite to abandon whatever you’re doing, have pop corn ready on a side table (to munch, don’t you like munching?), put your feet up, watch, and enjoy the movie.

Last movie I saw was in June. It was “The Best of Me” on Netflix. I liked the movie, though it was really strange seeing totally different characters for the same hero while young, and old. A person doesn’t change that much, looking totally different, unless got plastic surgery done. The height, and build of a person doesn’t go through a drastic change. The movie director did the same with the female character.

I did like the song, “I Did with You”.

A correction is needed in the video, the actual lyrics are “not taking a straight line”.

Fourth Wall

You get to spend a day inside your favorite movie. Tell us which one it is — and what happens to you while you’re there.