The Fork in my Life

A fork in my life! Stay here, or go to be with my son.

Temporarily I will be going, but has to decide about my things here. For a month or two I will put everything on hold, specifically my post. One can’t switch addresses so easily.

Next month is Ramadan — the month we fast. It’s starting in June. Traveling in it will be a misery, but what can  I do? My son S signed on for an apartment which the previous tenant has not vacated in the time he indicated earlier. He has now given a firm date.

S has been eating out for the last two months, except for breakfast which he knows how to make. You can guess the havoc to his stomach. He is having health issues too now. I had never thought he will face the horrible turmoil in his life. My heart goes out to him. I have told him on phone– it’s time to learn how to cook for himself, otherwise his health will detoriate. That will be my first priority — to teach him some basic recipes.

God must have a reason to let this happen to him. A new day begins after a dark night. I pray to Almighty to let him have a life full of happiness in the days to come, and no sorrows.  Ameen.



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When we hear about the death of someone we know we have been told to say “Inna Lillahi wa Inna ilayhi rajiun”. This verse from the Quran: Surah 2, Ayat 156 means “Truly to Allah we belong and truly to Him we shall return”. 

I may have repeated this Ayat countless times myself at the news of death, but one can use this Ayat for another purpose too.

When I misplace something. I have found it amazing when I find it immediately after repeating the above Ayat. The moment I realize I am not finding the thing I am looking for I go numb with worry. Sometimes I forget to say the Ayat. It takes longer to find what I am looking for, and then it comes to mind what I have to say, and hey in a second I find it.

I can only say:

Countless are the ways His Mercies work

Countless are the ways God Help us through

Countless are the times we forget His Grace

Countless are the times He Forgives us though




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Money was tight in the initial stages of my marriage. My  (late) husband R was supporting his brothers with their education, and giving household expenses to his mother. My father in law had two wives. My own mother in law needed money to run her home, and she would turn to R when she needed something. Whatever little money R give me, I had to make do with it, and try to last it the whole month. That meant there was almost no money to spend on clothes. The children were growing, and their need was greater than mine. 

I learnt sewing on my own — the way I learnt everything else. I learnt to make my children clothing from magazines. As with sewing the first thing which was mentioned was the grain of a fabric. What did it mean? Had no idea.

Grain is an essential element to know when sewing with woven fabrics. If you go against the grain, it causes the fabric to pucker and stretch. The clothes made won’t fit correctly, or hang in a funny way.

When sewing pants, fabric grain is very important. When you don’t look for the grain the seams may twist to the front, or back. Same thing happens with pillow covers, you have to cut them according to the grain of the fabric.

I did sew my children, and my own clothes for a long time— till there was enough money to stop doing so. At a later period (there wasn’t any need for it), I enrolled in a sewing class to learn properly the intricacies of sewing. There is one regret. I left my sewing notes in my daughter’s home, and she promptly lost them. 

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The Prejudice Phase

I had gone for the test at dmv. I entered the building, and stood in the line enclosure. There wasn’t anyone else. The man in one window motioned me forward.

I took out two utility bills to show my valid address, social security card, resident card, my driving license from my home country. The man refused to accept. I was at a loss to understand what else to show.

I told him that was all what was needed, and what I have been told to bring along. He made me wait for thirty minutes before he gave me a ticket to wait further for the test.

The way he behaved gave me the jitters. I wasn’t in a good place. The result I failed my test.

I have not gone for another one yet. I don’t want the above experience again.

Was he against a woman with a scarf which showed who the woman was, and he disliked?

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Hang a Dream Catcher

Pleasant dreams have vanished in yesteryears

Nightmare occurs and it’s so queer

Frightened and in tears I wake up and see

Am lying in bed and there is nothing to fear




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