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From M1 (granddaughter) I got the recipe for Guacamole.  I couldn’t get enough of it, once I knew how to make it. It became my staple diet, although Son doesn’t share the same feelings. Son’s favorite thing is meat. If there is no meat, vegetables are considered eating grass. 

I wanted to grow an Avocado. I live in an apartment. The only place to grow it was my small balcony. I put one stone in a cup, covered it with water, and faithfully watched it for months thinking eventually roots would occur. It was dormant, no roots came out despite my hoping. The darn things weren’t willing to appear. After a long wait — I had almost given up, a speck of something showed –aha finally a root. It grew at a snail’s pace testing my limits for patience.

The date for my yearly tramp to home country was fast approaching. As the flight date loomed ahead, I instructed Son to look after my baby in a cup. I conveniently forgot that Son was joining me after a month’s delay.

When we came back the first thing I looked for was my experiment. Alas the water, and the stone, both looked mouldy. I threw away the lot in a dumpster.

2nd beginning:

After a while, I again yearned to grow the beastly thing. I stuck a stone in the pot growing mint leaves. I was leaving for Hartford. I asked Son to water the two pots outside regularly. Son is a stickler for forgetfulness. The occasional rain sustained the mint, and jasmine. 

Lo and behold when I stepped out on the balcony the first morning I was back,  a welcome sign was the growing Avocado plant amidst the mint leaves.



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