You Are My Best Friend

Daily Prompt: Mix Tape Masterpiece
You make a new friend. Make a mix tape (or playlist for the younger folks) that tells them who you are through song.
Show Music.

I rarely have time to listen to music. I am embarrassed but I am a forgetful person also. I put together my playlist but with the new upgrade it got lost. One or two songs which stick in my memory are down below.

You are my best friend. Don Williams

Just give me a reason. Pink

You’ll think of me. Keith Urban

Without you. Keith Urban

The other three which I like are

Pompeii Bastille

Let her go. Passenger

Team Lorde

You can easily find them on uTube.

Have a nice day.
You Are My Best Friend

12 thoughts on “You Are My Best Friend”

  1. I remember listening to Don Williams a lot in the 80’s. I love his voice! My husband got a best of CD of his music several months ago, because we saw him perform a song with Keith Urban on T.V. He’s an icon.


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