To Direct

Daily Prompt: The Show Must Go On
If you were involved in a movie, would you rather be the director, the producer, or the lead performer? (Note: you can’t be the writer!)

If I had been a director it would have been a good thing. I wouldn’t have mutilated the main characters of a book and played havoc with them.My own advice to people like me is if you read a book, forget about the movie. You may be disappointed if you see the movie. I always am.

A director controls a film’s artistic and dramatic aspects and visualizes the script. I would have seen to it that the writer’s and my vision was the same. I would have stuck to the original story.

The movies are not wholly based on the books. So many parts of the book are deleted. The director puts his own interpretations into the movie which takes away the essence of the original book.

For example take the movie from Jodi Picoult’s book, My Sister’s Keeper. The book was about two sisters.

The director Nick Cassavetes changed parts of the book and created unnecessary scenes which I didn’t like one bit. He changed the original
ending and put in his own version. My heart broke into thousands of fragments while reading the book. It was so unexpected and I hid in my bedroom from my husband so that he wouldn’t laugh at my tears. I didn’t gave him that opportunity because he thought reading fiction was a waste of time.

The second example is the movie, The Host. When I read the book I couldn’t put it down. It was a very different kind of story.

I was entranced from beginning to end. The movie was lame. I had looked forward to seeing it but I felt cheated.

As a director I would have adapted the original stories of books I wanted to be made into movies. I would have seen to it that the charm doesn’t vanish.I wouldn’t have changed the stories.

Besides who wouldn’t want to be a world renowned director and bagging awards left and right?

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