What Agrees With Me

Daily Prompt: Mouths Wide Shut
Are you a picky eater? Share some of your favorite food quirks with us (the more exotic, the better!) Omnivores: what’s the one thing you won’t eat?

I was a picky eater, but not now. I like to eat everything, except which is forbidden by my religion. I tend to eat less meat, more of vegetables. I tend to go overboard, when Shami kebabs, Chapli kebabs, or Seekh kebabs are on the menu, then I must have them (regardless of the consequences).

I try to avoid beef, beans, cauliflower, cabbage, and potatoes. They wreck havoc with my stomach. Similarly inorganic milk gives me diarrhea.

Now it is not the question of my liking what to eat, but I can only eat food which doesn’t create turmoil in my stomach.

Here is a recipe for Seekh kebabs. They can be made with beef, or chicken breast.

Minced beef, or chicken breast 1/2 kg, minced
1 large size onion, minced
1 large size egg
Ginger 1 1/2 inch piece, minced
Salt, and red chillies as liked
Green peppers, deseeded, minced 2
Wheat flour 1/2 cup
Zeera, large cardamom, black pepper, grinded, as liked
Fresh Mint leaves, washed, 1 cup, chopped finely
Oil for frying

Mix the ingredients. Leave the mixture overnight in a fridge to develop taste. Use a skewer to shape them, and slide them into oil for frying.

Before serving take two tablespoons oil, one small sliced onion, two chopped green peppers in a large frying pan. Add the fried kebabs. Cover. Let remain on low heat for ten minutes or so. Shake them occasionally till they are heated throughly.



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