I look at my youngest grandson IB, and my heart bleeds. What is happening in his life is tragic. My only pray is that everything good comes his way.

He plays by himself. Yesterday he made a house for himself on top of the sofa, using the old quilt he carries around with him.  At night time he made a window at the front to watch tv. As I stood in the kitchen, trying to decide what to cook for dinner, IB asks, “Can I help you Dado?

When I asked him what he wanted to do, he wanted to cut the onions and tomatoes for me. 

Yesterday my son and I were looking for a car for me. We asked IB to come along with us, and told him when he grows up and looks for a car of his own the knowledge will help him. His reply, “the cars you are looking at won’t be the same. I will be wasting my time. There will be flying cars by then”. 

Maybe what he says with the innocence of childhood comes true. 




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