The Chase

The show I eagerly wait to see from Monday till Friday is The Chase on Game Show Network. It’s a quiz show, and participants who win, earn a lot of money 💰. The show host is Brooke, who is really endearing, and all her sympathies are with the contestants appearing on the show.

A team of three contestants attempt to amass as much money as possible for a team kitty by answering quick-fire questions in a 60-second round. The Chaser’s job is to catch each contestant and make sure the players are not able to put the money into the kitty which the team must collectively play for in “The Final Chase”.

Some participants are really strange. While many of them are highly intelligent, most of them least bother themselves to have a strategy to win against Mark Labbet aka The Beast. Their intelligence fails them, because they are ill prepared to play the game.

They fail to realize that if all three participants are there against the Beast, they are more likely to win. They are three steps ahead of him in the final chase which gives them a great advantage. The Beast tries to lure each of them in the first round with more offer of money in playing nearer to him. The partners will foolishly tell each other to go for the highest offer, and then fail miserably against the Beast. It’s so irritating 😠.

They have a greater chance of winning if they are twenty steps ahead of the Beast in the final round. The participants second mistake is that they are slow in answering. They waste their valuable time. If they practice in answering quickly, they will be more steps ahead. Every time the Beast trounces his opponents, it shows how amazing, and awesome he is.

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