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When I first learnt to crochet, I crocheted a lot of things –tea cosies (galore), placemats, coasters, pot holders, sweaters, ponchos, shawls, mittens, caps, booties and soft toys for my children. 

I collected yarns for my projects.  I couldn’t resist them. Many are still there in the huge trunk upstairs. While downsizing in 2012, the year my husband died, I didn’t have the heart to  throw them away. Someday (I feel the day won’t ever come) I may use them.

Or maybe on day my children would empty the trunk (once I’m gone), and throw them away.

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Handmade Tales

Automation has made it possible to produce so many objects — from bread to shoes — without the intervention of human hands (assuming that pressing a button doesn’t count). What do you still prefer in their their traditional handmade version?

Automation has made life easier for us certainly. If we don’t want to make it ourselves, or there isn’t time, we get it from the shops. Handmade version is definitely better than a machine made version.

Bread, baked items, ready made meals have lessened hours spent at a hot stove, and given us a respite from kitchen work. But that doesn’t mean that ready made meals have an edge over home cooked eatables. There is more to a home made dish. Everything is fresh, because you choose it with a discerning eye. There are no preservatives used. The smell, taste is great.

I love handmade carpets. I parted with so many things in my home, but the few pieces of handwoven carpets I bought, are still with me. Each and every piece is dear to me. They have a beauty which lacks in machine made ones.

Sweaters which are hand knit are better than the machine ones. Most of the sweaters are the polyester variety. If you make one yourself you will use pure wool, which is better than polyester.

Same is the case with embroidery. Machine embroidery looks nice, but hand done (I agree it is time consuming) is fantastic.

Hand crafted furniture is beautiful. One item on my wish list is getting a handmade wooden swing for myself. That will be a memorable day for me.


Handmade Tales