My Precious Ones

Daily Prompt: My Number One
Who is the most important person in your life? Describe that person in as great a detail as you can muster and most importantly, tell us why you cherish this person.


There are not one but two people in my life, my children – son and daughter. After the death of my husband last year, my children are very important to me.

Both of them are very dissimilar to each other in temperaments and outlook. My son takes after me and my daughter is a copy of her father – not in looks but the way she is.

My son is five ten in height, though my husband was a six footer. My daughter is five seven and she and I share a same sounding voice. Both the children’s eyes are a mixture of brown, (mine) and green (my husband’s).

Both the children have their father’s feet and hands. My son’s nose resembles his father’s mother, a slight dent in the middle. He gets worried easily just like me, though I wish In this aspect he wasn’t like me. Where as Nola is an ocean of calm. Nothing ruffles her and she can find a solution to any problem she faces.

SR (my son) and I, both consult Nola when we are floundering in a sea of anxiety. She pulls us back to a shore of calmness.

I live with my son. He tries his very best to make my stay as comfortable as he possibly can.

Nola on the other hand phones me daily, and chats with me long distance.

I think the best part of my marriage was having my children.

My children brighten up my world by being there for me and giving me their love and attention.
My Precious Ones

11 thoughts on “My Precious Ones”

  1. Dear Mama,

    Thanks for writing about me. You are a very special and sweet person yourself! I an d S are, masha’Allah, lucky to have you as a mother.



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