Acquired Habits

Father used to collect books like trophies. His idea to relax was lying on his back and reading a book. I can’t sleep till I have done some reading. My (late) husband R deplored my habit of reading books in bed. So as not to disturb R, after finishing my work in the kitchen, I would curl up in the nook I had created there, or in the lounge and forget myself in the world of books.

For nearly a year and a half when we were away from home (because of R’s chemotherapy), and there wasn’t another room to go to, for reading I would switch on a torch, so that I won’t disturb R who would be sleeping next to me.

I can say being a bookworm came from father. It’s understandable but what about the habits I have acquired from my mother-in-law and R. One is turning on the lights as evening approaches was from her.

R objected to my sweeping the kitchen at night. He would say that it brings on bad luck. I pooh poohed the idea saying rubbish, how can cleaning the floor at night bring on bad luck.

Now that he is no longer here, I think did I bring bad luck on myself? I no longer can sweep the kitchen at night time, and I am caught up in the superstition he left me.


I’ve Become My Parents

Do you ever find yourself doing something your parents used to do when you were a kid, despite the fact you hated it back then?

15 thoughts on “Acquired Habits”

      1. I was a bookworm at school (reading a book a day), and then when I started at university I just lost the desire for it. Now I half a whole pile of half-read books, and maybe finish three books a year. I have no idea why! But in the meantime my husband buys me a book for every birthday and Christmas period, I have them all stacked up waiting to be read (he hasn’t realised I hardly get around to reading them).

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  1. What a great post! I too have gone book-deep, especially when reading Sherlock mysteries and the Narnia stories. Oh, how those with pictures in the books get me to book la-la land fast!

    In regards to superstitions, it’s usually my Chinese friends who talk to me about ’em cuz they believe in that fengshui thing, where furniture or home things are supposed to be situated in a certain order to prevent bad luck. But I can sure understand how your husband’s habits had grown on you. For myself, I think I’m doin’ just about EVERYTHING I used to get bugged about my family member’s doin’. Haha!

    p.s. Glad you had liked it the song. I had removed the post temporarily cuz it needed to be changed a bit. But I did include another song by the same singer in the “My Love” post. Hope ya find the tune a nice one too. A Happy Sunday to ya!

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    1. I liked another song by Lee Seung Chul (I hope I am writing the name correctly) which was “No one else”.
      If the English translation with the songs wasn’t there I wouldn’t have enjoyed them.
      If you won’t mind can I ask you in which city and country you are living? Is it South Korea? And how come your English is so good?

      Thanks for liking my post.


      1. I’m Korean, but grew up and currently do reside on Guam again. I first started bloggin’ while livin’ in Los Angeles a coupla years ago, in order to pass the time. My English is good?! Thanks! I’ve been told I sound like I’m from Oregon. Haha!

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