Always Be There

When my husband died I found out there were those who disappeared from my life. It was as if for them I had stopped existing along with my husband. It was hard times. I needed them more.

It had happened before. When? When father died.I had forgotten it. 

I have been through lots of things in my life.

I know my my good and weak points.

I am contented with my inner self.

I am Myself.

I will always be there for me.

Must Not Fail

What is the one thing at which you are the most afraid of failing?

20 thoughts on “Always Be There”

  1. Okay..I see you do have comments. I’m trying to locate my friend to help me figure out how to get your like button back.I also see you are using the Misty Lake Theme. I’ll get back to you when we have figured it out…

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  2. My husband went through a similar situation when he divorced. And during his 2 operations for cancer, his family pretty much were too busy for us. It was tough. I know it really must have been difficult for you. I hope you’ve found someone to help you through the hard times. I’m glad he has me now, because I’m always there for him. He deserves it as do you.

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