The Prejudice Phase

I had gone for the test at dmv. I entered the building, and stood in the line enclosure. There wasn’t anyone else. The man in one window motioned me forward.

I took out two utility bills to show my valid address, social security card, resident card, my driving license from my home country. The man refused to accept. I was at a loss to understand what else to show.

I told him that was all what was needed, and what I have been told to bring along. He made me wait for thirty minutes before he gave me a ticket to wait further for the test.

The way he behaved gave me the jitters. I wasn’t in a good place. The result I failed my test.

I have not gone for another one yet. I don’t want the above experience again.

Was he against a woman with a scarf which showed who the woman was, and he disliked?

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8 thoughts on “The Prejudice Phase”

  1. Living in the northeast, I never considered a hijab to be an issue. I am so sorry for the prejudice you live with. God is all knowing. ♥ Go – pass that test my friend!

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      1. Is there another branch that you could go to? It is wrong that they treat you like that. Try again, you are a good woman. God is with you. Persevere – you will get your license.

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