Money was tight in the initial stages of my marriage. My  (late) husband R was supporting his brothers with their education, and giving household expenses to his mother. My father in law had two wives. My own mother in law needed money to run her home, and she would turn to R when she needed something. Whatever little money R give me, I had to make do with it, and try to last it the whole month. That meant there was almost no money to spend on clothes. The children were growing, and their need was greater than mine. 

I learnt sewing on my own — the way I learnt everything else. I learnt to make my children clothing from magazines. As with sewing the first thing which was mentioned was the grain of a fabric. What did it mean? Had no idea.

Grain is an essential element to know when sewing with woven fabrics. If you go against the grain, it causes the fabric to pucker and stretch. The clothes made won’t fit correctly, or hang in a funny way.

When sewing pants, fabric grain is very important. When you don’t look for the grain the seams may twist to the front, or back. Same thing happens with pillow covers, you have to cut them according to the grain of the fabric.

I did sew my children, and my own clothes for a long time— till there was enough money to stop doing so. At a later period (there wasn’t any need for it), I enrolled in a sewing class to learn properly the intricacies of sewing. There is one regret. I left my sewing notes in my daughter’s home, and she promptly lost them. 

Daily Prompt: Grain

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2 thoughts on “Grain”

  1. Assalaamu alaikum, I’ve tried the sewing classes about three times now. As a teenager with nothing to do one summer, and another summer with a friend, and then recently when my brood was growing and I felt the need to enhance myself (you know, the every few years, go do a personal hands on course) and an urge to sew. Hmmmph, didn’t last very long. My mum sewed as a pastime and has sewn for all of the females in her family – for Eid, ramadan, weddings etc. Now, her back can’t take it. I know it kept her sane. I like this post.


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