My Dracaena Plant

I missed my plants which I gave away to a friend while leaving Houston in last November. With no one to look after them, they wouldn’t have survived. I wanted some indoor plants, so bought a few after reaching here. Above is my lovely Dracaena plant. The good thing is, it can be easily propagated by cutting a branch, and planting it in soil. The remaining plant will grow new shoots.

I have two others: one is a spiral bamboo, and the other one is a money plant. They are my babies at the moment. Son laughs when I talk to them. My chief worry is who is going to look after them when I have to leave for a two months period in September? Son would not be able to care for them as I do.

I plopped an apple seed in the same pot as the bamboo. Wonders of wonder! It has grown a tiny green shoot. I’m looking forward to its growth. I have to buy some spare pots, and keep them handy for planting to whatever my mind wanders to.


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4 thoughts on “Branch”

  1. I have a plant very similar to this one. I’m not sure what its name is, though. Anyhow, it was just today, that I had broken off a branch of it, in order to stick it into a plant pot. I love how it’s so easily transferable to another location, and can continue to grow well like that.

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