The Travels I Have Been

Daily Prompt: On The Road
If you could pause real life and spend time living with a family, anywhere in the world, where would you go?



Going on Travels. Where would I go?
It needs thinking. Let me wear my specs. Do I see a light? Showing me a way………….

I have been to England and Scotland. Seen France, Spain, Italy, Germany and Switzerland. I have visited Russia, China and Australia. Seen Eygpt, Morocco and South Africa. I have been to Mexico, Brazil and Peru. Saw remnants of the lost Aztec Civilization.




The very southern tip of South America I have seen. I have braved the freezing temperatures of Antartica.

Loved the vistas unfolding before me. The grandeur of various Palaces unfurled in front of my eyes. The Museums showing their relics of the Past.


The travels I have been, seen vistas to believe
Places so gorgeous, scenes to perceive
Been there and come back, much to my reprieve
Enjoyed what was there, have memories to retrieve

I have loved all the places I saw. How?
Through Documentries, while sitting in the comfort of my HOME. No need to go elsewhere. Going through the hassle of visas, airfares and spending exorbitant amounts of money. Why should I subject myself to all that misery?

Now seriously let me THINK? I think I would love to visit Japan. I will have to learn a little bit of Japanese. I think my grey cells don’t work the way they did aeons ago. I better prepare myself for the disappointment I have to face and have a go at a National Geographic Documentory.

The Images: Thanks to Google
The TravelsI Have Been

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