Food I like

Name five things inside your refrigerator right now, and how you feel about them.

At the moment there are various things lying inside the refrigerator, but I have to choose five. Right?
So here I go ………
The first one: Egg.

Without an egg my breakfast is incomplete. Best source of energy and protein.
I stopped eating an egg when I had my gall bladder operation. For two years I couldn’t eat it. Even I couldn’t bear the sight of it. Gradually I came back to eating it.

The second thing: Butter.

When I am having my toast I spread a little bit on one piece of bread. I have tried to live without it but I can’t resist it’s magnetic pull.

My brain says to my heart:

“You dumb thing! It’s not good for you”.

My heart.

“Surely a little bit won’t do any harm?”

My brain shrieks, “Why are you bent on getting clogged arteries?”

My heart ignores the warning and the brain gives up.

Here is the third one: Fruit.


I am a fruit fanatic. Fruit is my one weakness. If there was no fruit there would be no me.

No meal is complete unless there is fruit. My life revolves around fruit.
I eat less of cooked food leaving space for it.

The fourth is Lettuce.

I simply love having it. It’s good for health. The green leaves add color to a salad.

The fifth one is milk.


Without milk life would have been a misery.
Milk is the essence of life. My tea is made with one tea bag in one cup of milk and microwaved.
I look forward to enjoying it in the morning. And this way my morning begins.

Food I Like



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