There is nothing tentative about doing my housework– there is no one to do it, and I have to do it whether I like it, or not. Sometimes the wholly repetitive work cooking, cleaning, or ironing can be highly boring except when I’m trying out a new recipe, or baking. That’s more to my liking. 

I’m tired with washing the dishes as the dishwasher doesn’t work. It hasn’t worked for months, but I wasn’t complaining This reminds me to send a text message to Son to visit the management offices before he comes back home. It took repeated visits by Son to them for replacing the microwave, and it was done after fifteen days. That was another ordeal for me — living without it. I never realized how much relief it gave me from tedious work, and made my life a bit easy to live. Thank God. 



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5 thoughts on “Tentative”

  1. We don’t have a dishwasher and it gets quite tedious, but I will say that one advancement has proved super valuable in making it more bearable – they make a handle sponge thing you fill with dish soap. For some reason these things make it so much easier to wash dishes by hand. It’s funny to me how little things like that can make such an outsized difference in daily life – so many things people worry at or struggle to achieve but the things that impact your life in real ways can be few and far between.

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    1. I prefer to wash by hand, but sometimes I’m plain tired, and those are the times when a dishwasher is handy. The one in our apartment has been out of order since our occupation. Periodically we lodge a complaint, and we forget at times too that it’s not working.


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