One of my Bad Days

Easy Fix
by Ben Huberman
Write a post about any topic you wish, but make sure it ends with “And all was right in the world.”


A relative had brought a gift of a sack full of corn flour. I knew I wouldn’t be able to use all that amount of flour.

My (late) husband R, and I, both loved Jawar ki Roti (bread made from cornflour). I always cooked Saag Gosht (spinach with mutton meat) with it. It was food straight from Heaven, and simply delicious.

I divided the flour into four equal parts, one for us, one for my elder brother Lala, and the two for friends.

We already had our mid-day meals, so I phoned Lala I was coming to bring him fresh cornflour.

There is just one road to University Town, and it remains congested at best of times. It was my ill-luck in what happened to us. A truck driver was in a hurry. Ahead of him was a bus. The driver squeezed past between the space. He damaged the left front door of my car. My lovely car was ruined in a moment. I had never thought something like this would ever happen to me.

I couldn’t stop the silent tears, which ran down my face, as I looked at my car. Thank God, we weren’t injured, and in a few days my car was again as good as new, and all was right in my world.

6 thoughts on “One of my Bad Days”

    1. Thank you. The driver of the truck seeing my tears just said, “forgive me”, and went away. The police chap did nothing to stop him, and that was the day I learnt, that I can’t expect help from the police.


      1. I went to the dealer of the car first. Their quote for repairs were sky high for a new door. Fortunately found one person at a manageable cost by me. He restored the original door superbly.

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