Sunrise in Houston

Son had arrived home after his work hours were over. On the way back, he brought with him milk,eggs, orange juice, and all the other miscellaneous food items necessary to sustain us. He parked his car in front of the apartment to remove the groceries.

To felicitate in bringing the things inside, he left the front door open. I couldn’t breath. My nose went on overdrive. If smell could kill, it could have happened immediately from the horrible smell wafting inside through the open doorway. It didn’t happen, but our whole space smelt like poop.

I rushed to close the door, and switched on all the exhausts to clear the air inside. My normal routine in the morning is to open a window, or two, and the sliding doors to the balcony. I do it daily to remove stale air from inside the apartment and bring in fresh air.

The pungent smell was due to the management spreading manure outside. Son told me it would take a week for the smell to dissipitate. 

I had to remember no more opening doors, or windows for a whole week.

Due to non availability of Internet for the next three days, I won’t be writing.




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