I meaninglessly wander in Walmart, while Son talks with a neighbor from his former neighborhood. From previous experience I know he is going to talk for a while, and unless he finishes his natter, we won’t leave, though we are done with shopping.

Telling Son I would be in the tables’ area, I look for a writing table. I badly need one, but I have been putting it off. I will be using it for two purposes — writing, and sewing.With the recent buying of a sewing machine, the matter has become some how urgent. I can’t keep removing my sewing from the dinning table when it’s time for meals. It’s really bothersome.

The ones available are not to my liking. I will look for it somewhere else, when next time Son is available to go with me to the shops. Meanwhile I wait for him to finish his talks, and idly look at the merchandise trying to occupy myself.



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